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Real Estate for Sale in Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro real estate provides a wealth of opportunities for investors. Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil, trailing only Sao Paulo. The South Zone of the city comprises all of the districts along the Atlantic Coast. Countless millions of tourists visit the Brazilian beaches every year, particularly during the city’s New Year’s celebration and Carnivale.

Real estate along the Rio de Janeiro coast is available in myriad forms. Predominant in the market are the beachfront and ocean view condominiums that dot the coast. Ranging in size from a simple studio to three thousand square foot condominiums, the Rio de Janeiro market provides something for all categories of investor. For those seeking to develop their own property, beachfront lots, though in smaller numbers, are available and can be found interlaced among Rio’s somewhat crowded coast.

Real estate is expected to boom in the coming years. Rio will host the soccer World Cup and the Olympics. The Brazilian government will be investing in new infrastructure projects that will undoubtedly increase the value of residential and commercial real estate.