About the VivaReal

  • VivaReal is the fastest growing online real estate marketplace in Latin America where people go to buy, sell or rent property.
  • We currently operate in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, the US (Spanish speaking population),plus we provide a site dedicated for Expats interested to rent or buy property in any of 12 Latin American countries.
  • The VivaReal websites are for both individuals and real estate professionals alike - supporting residential, commercial and vacation properties
  • The VR Network is owned and operated by VivaReal Inc, a California company.

What is our goal?

Our enthusiastic team is working passionately to make VivaReal the absolute best website for people searching for property and advertising property anywhere in the Americas.



2955 Pleasant Hill Rd, Sebastopol, California USA, 95472


  • USA: 1-800-550-0822



Our websites

  • VivaReal US

    Is a bilingual (Spanish/English) real estate marketplace for US Hispanics and investors from Latin America and Spain. VivaReal.us

  • VivaReal Mexico

    Is a Mexico real estate marketplace where Mexicans go to buy, sell or rent property. The site has properties listed throughout the country.VivaReal.com.mx

  • VivaReal Colombia

    Is a real estate marketplace where Colombians go to buy, sell or rent property. Most of the listings are in Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena, Cali and Barranquilla. VivaReal.com.co

  • VivaReal Brasil

    Is a Brazilian real estate marketplace where Brazilians go to buy, sell or rent property. The site currently operates in most major cities throughout Brazil. VivaReal.com.br

  • VivaReal Latin America

    Is Latin America's fastest growing real estate marketplace where expats and retirees to buy or rent property in Latin America. VivaReal.net

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